Origin Story

Who Am I?

Hi I'm Wei Minn, currently a sophomore student at the Singapore Management University School of Information Systems. Before SMU, I graduated with a diploma in Mobile and Network services from Temasek Polytechnic where I emphasized on developing Internet-of-Things applications.

Initially, I was trained as a network engineer before I started my Polytechnic education where I develop end-to-end IoT solution. When I was developing IoT solutions, I fell in love with the web development aspect of it and I self taught myself MEAN stack which is NodeJS backend environment and Angular framework for the Single-Paged Application frontend. So I transitioned myself to being a Full Stack Web Developer in the middle of my Polytechnic education and I ended up interning as a Web Developer where my team built a web portal to digitize a firewall rules review process in the company. which used to be paper based and extremely tedious and inefficient.

In SMU, I began zooming into my capabilities in terms of algorithmic thinking and mathematical maturity to become a much more efficient and disciplined coder.

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What gets me excited

Here are my research interests

Artificial Intelligence


Software Analysis

Fruits of Labor

My Publications


Experimental Comparison of Features and Classifiers for Android Malware Detection
Lwin Khin Shar, Biniam Fisseha Demissie, Mariano Ceccato, and Wei Minn
In Proceedings of ACM MOBILESoft conference (MOBILESoft’ 20). ACM, New York, NY, USA, Article 4, 11 pages. https://doi.org/10. 475/123_4

My Journey


Singapore Management University School of Information Systems majoring in Software Development and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Cum Laude (3.48/4)
  • SMU International Scholarship - for Academic and Co-Cirricular Excellence
  • President of SMU ICON Myanmar Community

Temasek Polytechnic School of Informatics & IT specializing in Internet of Things track.

Awarded Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship as part of the Diploma Plus Programme for Top 10% of the cohort.

  • GPA: 3.89/4
  • Course Silver Medal
  • President of Mobile and Network Services Student Interest Group
  • Cisco Systems (USA) Project Prize for Outstanding Major Project
  • Admitted to Director’s List for Freshman and Junior Year for top 10% of the cohort
  • Admitted to Diploma Plus Program for Top 10% of the Cohort
  • 1st prize for Ideasinc Startathon organized by Nanyang Technopreneurship Center
  • 1st runner up and Top Diploma for Best Project Prize at TP InfoTech Day 2017
  • Top Diploma Project Prize at TP InfoTech Day 2018
  • Top 3 Pick at IMDA Pixel Learn & Hack IoT Hackathon
  • Nominated to Polytechnic Student Research Programme 2018 for Final Year Project
My Journey

Work Experience

Research Assistant
SMU School of Information Systems

2019 - Present

Built a Java application that extracts call graphs from a set of APKs and a Web Scraping tool to extract all the API methods that requires permissions in Android library

Worked with a Ph.D. student to gather requirements on the required data to be evaluated

Full Stack Developer
InfoSys Compaz Pte Ltd


Built a full-stack web application using Angular, .Net Core Web API, Entity Framework and Microsoft SQL to provide a portal to digitize the firewall rules review process

Worked in a team of 2, liaise with representatives from various departments to gather granular requirements on the software for every iteration of the application

for intellectual development

Favourite Books

Set Theory: A First Course

Daniel W. Cunningham

Introduction to Algorithms, 3rd Edition

Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald Rivest, Clifford Stein
Comming soon

Poetry Collection

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